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Not everyone is ready for this teaching. A student must be sincere and dedicated.

It’s not so much about hours as it is tenacity and persistence. You have to have some fire inside you to discover who you really are.

Currently offering public classes at local Yoga studios. See below for more information about private classes.

Wolf Laurel Fitness Center

Thursdays 2:00pm-3:00pm New Time beginning 7/27!

Level I, Gentle & Restorative Yoga, Appropriate for all levels
Please bring props, ideally a bolster, 2 yoga blocks, a strap, a blanket and your yoga mat
$8 per class, purchase below…

Saturdays 9:30am-10:45am ON THE CLUB BACK DECK!! Rain or cold in the Fitness Center.

Level II, Alignment Based Yoga, Students should have a basic knowledge of yoga and be comfortable moving up an down from the floor to standing repeatedly
Please bring props, 1 or 2 yoga blocks, a strap, a blanket and your yoga mat
$8 per class, purchase below…

Thursdays 9:00am

Buncombe County Detention Facility, Asheville, NC. for the incarcerated. “I’m always amazed by the human spirit, even at rock bottom it strives to come back home to peace.” – Paul Heumiller


Tyger Correctional, Enoree, SC. for the incarcerated.
Perry Correctional, Pelzer, SC. for the incarcerated.
Paul Heumiller has initiated the first every yoga programs in these facilities with the goal of training some inmates to become proficient enough to teach others and spread yoga internally and organically.

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